An antibody database for non-human primate research

Antibodies that work

What's in it

The Antibuddy database provides manually-curated information about flow cytometry antibodies from scientific journal articles dating back to at least 2010. Antibody information includes the antigen, clone, fluorochrome, monkey cross-reactivity, purchase availability, and publications which use that precise antibody for their research. The database is continually updated using articles published in selected journals listed at the bottom of this page.

Antibodies in the database are included if, at a minimum,  the antigen and clone information are reported in the article. Any antibodies which are no longer available for purchase  are eliminated from the database semi-annually. Antibodies with errors in the publication are excluded. Errors may include incompatible clone and antigen combinations, incorrect or non-existent clones, incorrect or non-existent fluorochromes, etc.

How to use it

  • All columns are viewable by default, but you can customize the columns you want to see by selecting the ‘eye’ icon at the top left of the table and selecting your columns of interest.
  • Click on a single record to print or export the PDF with information about the antibody, or hover to the left of several records and select the checkboxes to print a list of multiple antibodies.
  • Select the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the table to filter or search.
  • Select the small arrow to the right of each column header to sort by that column.
  • Use the figure below the table to visualize multiple variables and antibodies at once. The size of the squares represents the number of publications in the database referencing that antibody. Select the arrows on the bottom right to go back or reset the figure.








The Table

Search, filter, export. All the information in one spot.

The Figure

Quickly determine which antibody+clone+fluorochrome combinations are available and most widely used.

Antigens are listed by common nomenclature. If you don’t see an antigen, look for an alternative name.
I.e. IL-2Ra is listed as CD25, and CD336 is listed as NKp44.

Antibody Information Curated From: